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Winterbrook Rabbit's

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All about how it started:

We are a little farm nestled just outside of Carlton, Oregon. We have been blessed with a wonderful piece of property to live on.  But what property is fully enjoyable without children to play on it? and well, of course animals! ?


At the Yamhill County fair I saw for the first time, and fell in love with the Nigerian Dwarf goats.  As a child I milked a Holstein cow and a La mancha goat. I have since missed milking. I was given Nigerian Dwarf goats in 2011 for my birthday.  I am currently milking two but this summer I will be milking three.



Currently I am breeding Mini-Lops because of their docile personalities and size (for my young children).  I breed for temperament, body, and of course I am working for the color!.....CHOCOLATE!  Broken chocolate and chocolate are my two VERY FAVORITE colors!  All my bunnies have champion lineage and are very loved. 

At the age of 7, I received my first Rex bunny and went through 4-H with him.  By the age of 12 I had a Holland Lop and Jersey Wooly rabbitry that was growing out of control :)  My parents offered me a horse in exchange for selling my rabbitry.  I took the bait.  

 As an adult I had missed my childhood bunnies.  In 2008 I made the decision to start up again!  This time showing in ARBA shows.  Photobucket



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